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"This has become my dog's favorite bed. He looks so cute in his little cave." | Jen D. US

Calming Cave

Calming Cave

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🐶 Calm your dog and relieve anxiety
😴 Soft & cozy for ultimate comfort
🐾 Suitable for dogs & cats
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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🐶 A one-way ticket to sleep land! 🐶

Now your furry friend can finally rest comfortably and anxiety-free.

Perfect balance of softness & supportiveness

Ensures ultimate comfort and relaxation. Suitable for all dogs, but specially great for senior dogs or arthritic dogs

Makes your dog feel safe and at ease

The inviting donut shape emulates a reassuring hug, delivering immediate feelings of security and calmness for your dog

Unmatched comfort at any time

Made from luxurious faux fur material and high-loft recycled polyester fiber filling ensuring the utmost comfort during nap time or nighttime slumber

Machine washable & dryer safe

Super easy to take care. Simply toss the bed into the washing machine and select a gentle cycle

*Not available in physical stores*

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