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"My dog loves it so much that she refuse to sleep without it, 1000/10" | Amelia P. US

The Calming Pillow

The Calming Pillow

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🐶 Calm your dog and relieve anxiety
😴 Perfect support for ultimate comfort
🐾 Suitable for dogs of all ages & sizes
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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🐶 A one-way ticket to sleep land! 🐶

Now your furry friend can finally rest comfortably and anxiety-free.

Look at how dogs all over the world are enjoying their calming pillow

These are real Cutated customers who are loving our calming pillows

★★★★★ Rated 4.9/5 by 58,000+ happy customers

Perfect balance of softness & supportiveness

Ensures ultimate comfort and relaxation. Suitable for all dogs, but specially great for senior dogs or arthritic dogs

Makes your dog feel safe and at ease

The unique U-shape creates a soft embrace around the body, making your dog feel snuggly and at ease, perfect for relaxation at home or during car rides

Designed for small dogs & large dogs

The calming pillows come in 2 sizes, the standard size for smaller breeds and the large size for larger pups, perfect for all dogs, regardless of their ages and sizes, especially for chin resters

Machine washable & dryer safe

Super easy to take care. Simply cold wash, gentle cycle, and tumble dry low heat.

*Not available in physical stores*

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog use this calming pillow?

Dogs enjoy anything that is comfortable. This Calming Pillow is buttery soft and extremely cozy which every dog loves. If your dog is a chin rester, you need this!

Which size should I choose for my dog?

For dogs above 15 Ibs / 7kg, we generally recommend the large-sized calming pillows for extra comfort and support.

Can my large dog use this pillow?

Yes! For larger pups, we recommend the large sized pillow for extra comfort and support. It comes in the color blue or yellow.

How do I clean the calming pillow?

Simply cold wash, gentle cycle, and tumble dry with low heat.

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